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sketchadream's Journal

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Character Name: Namine

Age: unknown, appears to be a young teenage girl of anywhere from 14-16.

Wiki Link: http://kingdomhearts.wikia.com/wiki/Namine

Description: Namine is a short girl with shoulder length blond hair and sky blue eyes. She is somewhat pale in complexion, but not unhealthily so.

She is often seen wearing a modest white dress and matching blue sandals. She is also rarely seen without her sketchpad, it is with her so much to the point where it could be considered an accessory.

Personality: Shy, reserved, and modest, Namine is an introvert. She does not handle social interaction very well and can easily become nervous or jittery. At times she is the epitome of the word ‘skittish’. She is clearly not used to interaction with others and tends to fumble past ‘hello’. However, Namine despises being alone, and in the end she just wants a friend and people to talk with, no matter how nervous she may be. Or how long it may take her to warm up to them and trust them.

To a degree, Namine is innocent and naïve. There are some adult topics she will not understand or comprehend correctly. While she does sometimes view the world from a dreamy sort of perch, this is merely a defense mechanism. When it comes down to it, Namine is realistic and honest. She knows what needs to be done, even if she’d rather be living in a fantasy of her own making.

Namine’s favorite thing to do is draw, while most of the time she scribbles with crayons; Namine is in fact a very talented artist. Drawing is very calming to her, and in the stark whiteness of Castle Oblivion and being lonely in The World That Never Was, she needs the calm.

Brief History: Namine was born an anomaly. Unlike most Nobodies, Namine was born from a Princess of Heart. As such she is most likely not made out of darkness, as Princesses of Heart … Do not posses darkness in their hearts. Namine’s existence within itself is quite strange, but she operates on the belief that she is a normal Nobody, despite being aware of who her Other is.

Namine does not have a heart, nor should she feel emotions. However, Namine has been shown to exhibit emotions, ranging from want to guilt to joy. She cares for Sora, she wants to be around people, and she feels sadness and loneliness.

Namine was likely born in Castle Oblivion or The World That Never Was. She was quickly …. ‘Obtained’ (read: kidnapped) by the Organization.


Viva la Vida – Coldplay
Exploration – Coraline Soundtrack
You Could Be Happy – Snow Patrol

Namine belongs to Square-Enix and is not the property of the player, kitsune_rin. She is being used for the game, neverwasrpg, for non-profit fun.