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Namine knew Sora would figure it out. The DVD player really was pretty hormonal. Worse than Namine.

For once, she doesn't notice his eyes on her, she just relaxes, body untensing and pulsing with pain. She winces a little and adjusts so that she's more comfortable. Eventually she settles, a pleased little sigh escaping. Her blue eyes one just a bit, lashes still heavy, to look at the screen. She really does want to watch it with them, but the body is a strong thing, and she can't fight for too long.

Her hand stayed with Riku, and ... Before they even got to anything interesting, Namine was in a deep, and thankfully recuperative sleep. Leonhart was a slave driver, and she'd kill him one day. Kinda.

A girl like me
ALL; my hands are meant to hold
Namine took time to spend with Riku, because she needed it. Even though he couldn't really move or do much, she enjoyed taking care of him and being there for him, as she always had since the very beginning. Of course, she hated him being in pain, but she liked that she didn't have to hide her desire to pay attention and take care of him. Since Riku's not bleeding inside or anywhere else, he's in the recovery unit, but Namine pulled Her soon to be official rank and got him a place more private. Namine knew that he didn't really (if ... at all) look at other girls, but she did make sure to give him the cuter trainees that knew what they were doing.

She especially made sure Kairi never went anywhere near him. When the redhead did try to approach Riku, Namine would always be there flaring with nothing but anger and jealousy, only to turn right back to Riku and ... Feed him an apple. Or give him a very long and soul sucking (in a good way) kiss. She'd never explain it to him, she couldn't. Even if it was Riku.

Currently, she's enjoying her break, looking over papers and ... Doing paperwork, which isn't at all normal for her. She's nothing but a field medic, well trained and skilled, not a paper pusher. Still, she gives Riku no explanation for this, either. She just sits by his beside, giving him smiles and kisses and generally being the happy, calm girlfriend she's always wanted to be 24/7.

And then one of the new medics comes.

"Ms. Namine?"

Looking up, she can see it's not one of the 'new' medics, so to speak. As far as Namine knows, her name was Ollette and she was a very sweet girl. She had all the proper makings of a very skilled medic and Namine, when she was stuck with being leader, was going to watch her progress. It was scary that she was already planning for this job.


Ollette fidgeted and switched her weight back and forth "may I speak with you?"

Namine blinks and nods, nothing but polite and kind, she stands, setting her work down and laying her hand on Riku's shoulder, smiling at him softly as she leaves the room.
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and there's no mountain to hide, no river too wide
if i were an angel
Namine has never been excited for this class! It's never been very much fun, a lot of the time she sat at the edges and watched everyone else have fun. Most students had weapons they were very talented in, for Riku, it'd always been his gun, which she swore he slept with. For Sora, it seemed to be the sword. Namine had defaulted to a knife, because it was a good starter weapon and it could lead to other things, but she'd ... Never quite gotten to the 'lead to other things' part. She'd stayed with it, because weapons really freaked her out.

But then she had met Sora, and that had all changed considerably. Now she was excited, she wants to learn how to fight and do impressive stuff too! Sora, is of course, the only one she'd want to teach her, even though their instructor had been excited to see her interest after so long. Namine had insisted on Sora, and the instructor had to relent after her endless pouting.

And so she and Sora have spent a good amount of time working together, since he was most talented in it, they'd started with a sword. Which was very special, as ... He kind of had to wrap his arms around her to help her stance, touch her arms and occasionally waist. He was a really sweet boy and he meant nothing by it. He was just helping her, it was Namine who was getting stupidly flustered by it. When he was that close she could hardly breath and her face heated up and when he pulled away, she got a bit sadder than before. It was a little confusing, and as a result, she wasn't doing too well with the sword. Aside from that, the thing was darn heavy! How did Sora swing it around like it was nothing? He was obviously a hell of a lot stronger than Namine had estimated before. It was really impressive.

"Maybe," She says, falling forward on the hilt a bit, "we should try something else."

A total different world
Work was a bitch, seriously. Namine is running on three hours of sleep, there's blood all over her clothes and she's pretty sure there's skin that is not hers stuck on her body. It's really gross, and usually Namine doesn't mind gross, but today it's just getting to her. It's the lack of sleep, it's Kairi being even weirder and actually taking jabs at her, it's the fact that she was just assigned trainees and Namine doesn't know how to teach and god they're so NEW it's almost infuriating.

It seemed that the ceasefire had ended, or that at the very least, people were too busy roughhousing with each other to be more careful. Either way, Namine wanted to give all of them a reality check and tell them to stop their fucking mess so that she could SLEEP for more than three hours at a time and maybe take a hot shower.

The time spent with Riku had kept her happy and sane for the first week, but as the snow melted away and Spring began to come forth, Namine couldn't help but feel uneasy. It was the beginning of a new year, and she was pretty sure this might be fight or die. The gravity of what she was trying to do was hitting her, the gravity of what she had done, was hitting her. She'd killed someone not even that much older than her, she'd fallen in love with two of the most perfect men she knew, and she was pretty sure that if that girl with the pigtails did not stop pulling on her sleeve she would backhand someone. Namine is literally at her witts end, alternating between wanting to yell and cry.

Today is not the day to fuck with her, people, she is fierce and pretty much a blond dragon with blood spattered all over her. She almost looks like a Silent Hill monster.

God save the asshole who fucks with her anymore.

Honey, honey
Having two friends was awesome! When Riku wasn't around, it seemed that Sora was there. She was much cheerier and so much more bright than usual. That hadn't stopped her from hiding in corners and drawing, but she found her face aching from how long she'd been smiling at things Riku and Sora had done, and at how competitive they were at lunch.

At the end of the day, Namine doesn't even mind her two Cs and a D in her classes. Why care about that, when she has two of the most awesome guy friends known to man? Humming, Namine deposits most of her stuff in her locker. There wasn't much homework today, just a print-out assignment on the Types of screeches a zombie could emit when their jugular was pierced. That was easy even for Namine.

Today she needs to go shopping for new pajamas. Which required going to the mall. Which required Namine to go near the mall. Which also required the mall to please not eat her soul. She always went with Riku, because she hated seeing all those people and having people look at her so judgingly and it honestly felt like a big stage where she was put up to be displayed in a horrible light. Riku, on the other hand, got admiring stares from girls and guys and she wondered why he never noticed.

Closing her locker and resetting the lock, she hopped towards the front where Riku was supposed to meet her! She hadn't told Sora about needing to go to the mall, but he would probably show up because he was like that!

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nothing but a dream
With the invasion mostly over with, everyone was out of school for the day, but people littered the streets more than usual. All in pairs, or even really big groups. Namine didn't mind so much now, she had two very awesome people with her, and they'd help keep her safe no matter what. They were going to get pizza and movies and go to her house and have fun and it'd be like living like a normal teenager, and Namine swears she could die happy like this.

There was something bothering her though - not Riku's words earlier, or Sora's question or even the thing about parents - Riku seemed tense, somehow. She didn't know why, she couldn't link it to anything. But he was nowhere near as excited her or Sora, but he was doing a very good job about pretending, sucking it up as if she didn't notice these things. She was oblivious and naive and sometimes downright ignorant, but now when it came to Riku.

"Sora! Will you go get the pizza? It looks like by the time you finish with that, we should have picked out some movies. What do you like to watch?" Between the both of them, Namine smiled. In the center of town, there was a litle bit of everything. Take-out of all sorts, entertainment to keep any teenager busy for at least 45 minutes, and a mostly good atmosphere. She didn't really want to split up, but Namine idly remembers what Riku had said - what he'd been worried about with Hayner. Maybe he was worried about that with Sora, and that's why he was tense!

She could spend time with Riku in the video store, get him to feel better and hopefully well enough to enjoy watching movies with pizza! Either way, Special Best Friend Time was needed to make it all better!

and we all know love is just war with a prettier bow
can't stop the moonlight
There was a song she heard once, and at the time, Namine hadn't thought anything of it. She had liked the song, and had listened to it many times after when she had a chance, but ... Well, at the very least, she didn't think that in this moment, that song would come to mind. It's a moment filled with anxiety and confusion. She's not sure what to do at all, and there's no one to give her advice. There's no one to help. The one she would usually go to is the one she hurt, the one she would trust with this now, was her partner in crime for causing the aforementioned hurt.

That song that she heard, it was called 'Love is War', in the middle of the night like this, it sort of feels like being in the middle of a war. Namine should know, considering her life was made of nothing but fighting and violence. But this was a very different sort of war, it was an emotional one, and somehow that seemed much more painful and dangerous than any physical would that could be incurred.

Her fingers are wrapped around her cell phone, and they seem to be stuck in place. She couldn't move them even if she wants to. She knows Riku and Roxas will be here soon, and she's not sure what to do or say. What to say to Riku, whom she's already damaged, what to say to Roxas, who ... loves her.

She spent hours on thinking about it. She blatantly skipped work, and she ignored phone calls. Namine was still lost. She would - have to decide it based on what Riku did, it was the only thing she could figure. It was why this moment felt so heavy and sad. The words of that song come to mind, a particular part repeating in her head, no matter what she does or thinks about. Smiling as she bites the corner of her lip, Namine quietly mutters, and feels comforted by saying the words out loud.

"Get ready to intercept
Thesituation is still against me
Love is blind
I'll be awakened by your kiss."

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Another hard day - and lately it seemed that there was no shortage of hard days. The violence was still booming and Namine found it harder and harder to get some sleep or to even relax. Being unable to see Riku for this long was putting her on edge. It wasn't that he hadn't tried to get a hold of her, they'd see glimpses of each other whenever a member of his gang would come in hurt, but that didn't count. In that sort of situation, they couldn't even look at each other for too long.

Namine's only saving grace was her talks with Roxas. After the first initial calls, it became less awkward. He really was an interesting guy, she could see herself becoming good friends with him. Which. That was a little weird. it wasn't as though Namine was suddenly blind to the risks, but somehow it seemed ... Ok? Worth it? With Roxas. He - He was just a friend. Albeit a friend she'd met under very strange circumstances, but still a good friend. And he was really nice, a little awkward and doting occasionally, but she found it cute.

After hours and hours of more work, Namine finally got a break. They'd received a whole bunch of new recruits a couple weeks ago and they were just now ready to work. With the new people, Namine was one of the few able to take a break. She wonders why she hasn't gotten a freaking medal for this yet - medics were seriously overworked, but she'd never had to pull off this much in such a short amount of time.

With her coat wrapped tight around her, she stepped outside. It was still cold but as the days passed she would idly note how much warmer it was becoming. Soon it would be spring and after that summer. She was excited for Spring and enthusiastic about summer. Fall and Winter got her down too easily.

Pulling her phone out she went to Roxas' name and called, often times they never spoke about anything important, but it was still time to talk, and just the sound of his voice made her relax.

"Roxas?" She asked before he could even get a hello out. For some reason, she'd really been a little selfish with his time.
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When you finally get involved
The days that followed were odd, empty, almost listless. There were usually flares in work, things would be silent for a little while, but then there would be so much fighting that all the medics were working around the clock, taking shifts so that some could get at least a bit of sleep. Namine had been working nonstop, but it was never enough. Nothing distracted her from her thoughts, and nothing kept the images away. It was like she was being eaten from the inside out and all that kept it at bay was thoughts of Riku, the fact that he still loved her.

Everyday she fought with herself, and some days she won, others she lost. She hadn't had a chance to speak with Riku at all, and this had led to more than a week of not seeing him.

As far as the medics and both gangs were concerned - no one knew who had killed Tidus. It was up in the air, but because of that, everyone was being investigated. Not so much the medics. But now that she put some thought into it - the sudden surge of violence was probably over who killed who. Accusations of one gang killing their own (which in itself wasn't allowed, there wasn't much honor with them, but there was some) and insults that the opposing gang had done it. No one quite believed that a medic had done it - but the tests also hadn't come back, and because of everyone's stupid fighting, that wouldn't happen for a while. Still, once they found out it was an overdose ... That would narrow it down to the opposing gang or the medics. Namine wasn't sure how she was going to handle it then.

It was something to discuss with Riku, when they finally got a chance. For now, Namine was happy to wander off from her group. It was a pretty nice day and it was actually a little warm. Namine found herself a bit more free from her worries. Kairi and some of the others were keeping away from her - they knew something had changed, but it was just part of the job. Some were emotional over the occupation, others just separate themselves. The latter eventually happened to everyone, even Kairi was like that to an extent. She knew they wouldn't bother her until it was time to get back to work or there was an emergency.

Leaning against a lamp post, Namine closed her eyes and lifted her head to the sun. A break, she deserved it, and for once, she didn't feel guilty.

Bubbly in a Sense
I'm nobody and you are?
Today, it's Gym Class that is her biggest worry. Thankfully, her latest exam got a more than passing grade. Namine would have to remind herself to thank Riku later, right now, as they're working in gym, she has no chance. Riku's on the whole other side with the other boys, playing dodgeball. The girls were stuck with volleyball, and it wasn't as though Namine was good at any sport, but the volleyball gods just had something against her, ok? She'd actually rather play dodgeball, at least then, she would be ok at it. Even Namine had to admit that being so tiny had its advantages. Tiny people were darn fast!

But no, instead it is hitting a ball back and forth over a net. A very high net. Disadvantage of being tiny: She was not at all tall enough for this game. And as if to add insult to injury, the outfits were really embarrassing. The volleyball outfit was a baggy tank top tucked into short shorts. It was humiliating and Namine would have preferred to hide in a corner, far from everyone, if the current captain wasn't so perky it could rot your teeth. Namine was honestly afraid of her.

For now, she's able to lean against the wall and watch Riku play. He's really good at it, even for someone as tall and built as him, he's surprisingly fast, much faster than any unsuspecting person would guess. But she knew him, so she was simply proud.

"Namine!" Her attention is called back to the game and she looks over in time to see the ball rushing right at her face.

Oh, wonderful.


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